What To Do If An Alcoholic Pushes Your Emotional Buttons

Remote Control

When you use the remote to program the TV/DVR you know exactly what to do to “make it happen.”

If the right buttons get the desired results, the big question is…

Does your alcoholic husband know which buttons to push to get the results he wants?

Alcoholics are “needy.” Don’t you agree?

When you say “no” to his “needs” he probably uses guilt trips and tries to manipulate you…more specifically emotionally.

There’s no reason to feel guilty. You have that right to say “no.”

Stand firm in your beliefs and values. And when your husband tries to use his “remote” on you…don’t let him.

The more you decline his requests the better you’ll feel about yourself.

Sure, he might get angry…what’s new?

Everyone Has Needs…

Such as love, approval, friends, family and security. You probably have more you could add.

And when those are threatened, by him “pushing the wrong buttons,” it can “play” on your emotions…and maybe you’re more likely to give in to his wants?

Don’t you wonder what your life would be like if his manipulation tactics and guilt trips we’re taken away. Not allowing him to push those buttons is a good way to find out.

I know it sounds easy, and the first time you refuse to let him take control…you may feel guilty.

That’s okay… because you’re doing something you’ve never done before…and it’s healthy.

There isn’t a problem with the word “no.” The more you use it the better you’ll feel about yourself and your guilt will go away.

Take Away the Remote

Let him program the DVR (if he knows how) but don’t let him do that to you.

When he pushes your buttons it will be like there’s a dead battery…nothing will happen!

Maybe he’ll start taking responsibility.

Then you can focus on your own life and he can focus on himself.

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