What Everyone Should Know About The Secrets of Family Alcoholism

scared girl under blankets

She was scared and alone.

Curled up in bed as tears rolled down her cheeks. Locked tight under the blankets while her lower lip quivered and her hands shook.

The little girl was afraid of the dark.

When you keep the secrets of alcoholism in the family it can be just as terrifying.

Feeling alone. Scared.

Hoping that no one knows the truth.

Your family and friends are concerned, but they’re too afraid to confront you. So they talk behind your back.

Your “Social status” and your desire for other’s to think you have the perfect home are important.

But, it’s no longer a secret.

Everyone knows.

You can’t cover up and hide your husband’s addiction forever.

It’ll tear you up inside.

Your biggest secret can kill you!

You need to dig deep and let go of the fear.

Come out from under the blankets and put your feet on the floor. Wipe those tears from your eyes and walk across the room… turn the lights on.

You’re not alone.

Once you make the decision to bring your family alcoholism “secret” out into the open, find yourself some help.

Support groups, such as Al-Anon, are filled with other women just like you who spent years keeping the secret of their husband’s alcohol abuse.

Their biggest secret was “killing” them too.

Not anymore.

When you get the right support your life will change. You’ll make new friends that’ll understand what you’re going through and they’ll be there for you.

Make the phone call, join a support group, or at the very least talk with us.

There’s no need to hide under the blankets any more.

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