Warning: Is Cheating On Your Spouse Really Worth It?

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Your husband’s love and affection is all but a distant memory.

It seems he’s constantly passed out on the couch with a half empty glass of booze.

Cheating is now on your mind.

Well, before you go there here’s something to think about…

Should You Give Up On Your Marriage?

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your relationship, but there’s one thing you need to remember…

There’s always hope.

He may not want to talk to a counselor, but there’s no reason why YOU can’t consider it. If that idea is too uncomfortable, I recommend you try a support group like al-anon.

Or maybe your friends know about the situation. Have you tried talking with them? They might have some good advice or at least give you a shoulder to lean on.

Has it gotten so bad that you’ve considered an intervention? Try to talk with the important people in your husband’s life and see if they’ll help you come up with a plan to confront him.

If you don’t try and work something out, you might end up cheating on him and if you do…

You’d Only Be Cheating On Yourself

If you cheat on your husband, the problem won’t go away. It’ll only complicate your life.

Plus, he’s not the only one that’ll be hurt… you will be too.

You’ll keep secrets, worry about the phone calls, and plan discrete rendezvous, hoping to never get caught.

Living a secret life will cause you more stress than you need. It might feel good at the start, but trust me when I say it’s not worth it.

If It’s Done… It’s Best To End It

Regrets are easy to create, but hard to live with.

We all regret choices we’ve made in the past for one reason or another. We’re human. But, do you want to live with the regret from cheating?

If you believe your marriage is over and you don’t want to work to repair it, then save yourself the pain and end it… don’t cheat.

I’ve never known anyone to cheat on a spouse and have it workout well.

Your emotional needs may be met for a time, but that’ll probably change quick. Cheating is only a “temporary fix.”

Although the thought of cheating is not uncommon, to act on that thought is a decision you’ll have to live with the rest of your life.

Bottom Line…

Take time to fix your marriage or get out… don’t cheat.

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