Trade Your Alcoholic’s Couch For A Coach


Does your alcoholic say “I can quit anytime I want”?

When you press your alcoholic about going to get some help he says something negative about all of them?

I’m introducing an idea for you and your alcoholic as a different approach to end his drinking problem.

I was told by a professional one time that one of the biggest barriers to treatment was how people weren’t ready to do treatment.

The expectations of how to benefit from counseling wasn’t there and as a result therapy didn’t work.

One thing I know…If you’re alcoholic doesn’t want to quit drinking there isn’t much anyone can do to make him quit.

This is where a FMA coach comes in…

How can a coach help

Here at FreeMyAddict a coach has experience in what works and what doesn’t.

Even research suggests the single most important predictor of success in treatment is the client’s belief that the counselor can help.

When your alcoholic is willing to reach out for some help, there’s an opportunity to start Mastery Coaching right from your own home.

The goal here is to prepare your alcoholic to establish recovery goals and examine what that will look like when accomplished.

Treatment may follow at a point when your alcoholic will most benefit from it.

A coach is able to provide support, encouragement, and advice to enhance the motivation of your alcoholic.

Supplemental resources are available for your alcoholic through recommended reads. The coach is able to help work through The Addiction Workbook and/or Relapse Prevention Workbook.

The most important part is to begin the process.

What are the limitations of a coach

It would be nice to be able to say a coach can do everything you would like to see with your alcoholic.

There are a few limitations…

A FMA coach can’t

  • generate the initial motivation to quit
  • make anyone do anything
  • force participation in a session or assignments
  • coach when your alcoholic’s intoxicated

When your alcoholic’s ‘in the bottle’ there’s not much anyone can do to make a difference.

On the other hand, there’s that time when he’s sobered up with a hangover and wants to find a way to never do that again.

It’s the perfect time to recommend alternatives.
Coaching is a great option.

How do I started

The best option for this situation is Mastery Coachingwhere a professional will coach your alcoholic.

The FMA Coach will help to set up a recovery plan and begin going through the workbooks at the pace your alcoholic is willing to work.

I recommend weekly sessions to start. As progress takes place the Accelerated Coaching is a viable option.

We’re ready…Are you?

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