Tom Schmidt: Family Life Coach

Tom Schmidt
Hi I’m Tom,

To be right up front and honest…

I was an addict.

So, I know how your addict thinks.

My old selfish and self-centered attitudes and behaviors almost destroyed my family.

I lied, cheated, stole and manipulated. Does that sound familiar?

My family showed “tough love” to try and help me. Which drove me to suffer the consequences from my behaviors.

It took me being homeless, sleeping under bridges, on park benches, and using my backpack for a pillow to finally realize that alcohol was going to kill me.

I had suffered enough pain and finally decided to reach out for help.

Since getting clean and sober in 2001, I’ve been involved in many areas of Christian and 12-Step Recovery, working with both the addicted and their families.

Besides coordinating volunteers and public speaking while employed in the Rescue Mission ministry, I’ve managed men’s and women’s homeless shelters, recovery programs and half-way houses.

I’ve spent 3 years as a men’s and women’s addictions counselor and recovery class instructor and have specialized training in Motivational Interviewing, Engaging Families in Recovery, Crisis Intervention, Co-Dependency, Enabling and Interventions.

So, if your home’s being “destroyed” by addiction, I understand what you’re going through and I’m here to help.

Remember… you’re not alone.


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