This Little Trick May Be All You Need to Help an Alcoholic

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I’m not a mathematician…

But, I know that a $10.00 bottle of booze a day equals $300.00 a month.

That’s what I spent while in my own addiction to alcohol.

How much does your husband spend on booze every month? I’m sure you’ve got a good idea. A lot of it probably comes out of your purse or the household budget.

On top of that…maybe you even go to the liquor store for him.

Is it time to quit “feeding the fire?”

Ten dollars a day on alcohol isn’t that much. And, if he’s an alcoholic, there’s a chance he spends more than that.

What could you do with all that money each month or the time you spent driving to the liquor store in support for his addiction?

She tried it…and it worked!

I know a lady who set healthy boundaries with money, especially when it came to alcohol expenditures.

She had control of the money and gave him $50.00 a month for booze.

That didn’t go over well with him. But he had no choice because she handled the checkbook.

She knew he’s be angry with only $50. She didn’t care.

With a limited amount of money to spend on booze his drinking declined. He began to notice how much extra money they had. He also felt better about himself.

Even though he still drank, he began to see the benefits. It made him think. Maybe he should quit drinking all together?

He couldn’t do it. So he tried Alcoholics Anonymous. And today he’s a regular member.

Support by “taking away” not “giving”

To allow a person you love to spend your money on alcohol isn’t love.

Alcoholics think other people should do things for them, and that includes a constant supply of booze.

Hopefully, you’ve made a decision to not support his drinking anymore. Instead support his abstinence…or his sobriety.

And sometimes that’s done not by giving…but by taking it away.

In the lady’s case…it was about taking away the money. She wanted to help her husband, and did so by a refusal to not financially support his addiction.

What do you have to lose?

What would it be like if you decided not to buy his booze anymore? Or go to the liquor store?

He’ll probably get angry…right? Oh Well! You’re not responsible for his anger.

To set boundaries with an alcoholic husband is healthy. Especially when it comes to money spent on booze.

Many women have done it and it’s paid off. They refused to support his drinking anymore.

Maybe you feel it’s time to “stand your ground”, not support his drinking, and start to support his recovery.

What do you think? You should give it a try…

It can’t hurt!

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