The Secret To Coping With An Alcoholic Husband

diary and pen

Did you keep a diary as a young girl and wrote down what happened each day?

Even if you didn’t have a diary now’s a good time to put your thoughts on paper.

You can call it a diary…or a journal.

Journaling is healthy if you’re the spouse of an alcoholic husband, or when other problems or situations in your life occur.

It’s not gonna fix him, but it’ll help you cope with his behaviors.

When you write down your feelings and emotions you’re able to re-examine them at a later time. It will help you make more rational decisions. You won’t regret it.

It’s very common to question your decision making. You’re not alone because everyone does it. We’re human and we often make decisions based on our emotions.

The purpose of a journal isn’t about what your alcoholic husband (or anyone else) said or did. It’s about how you feel and the emotions you experienced at that particular time.

A Few Ideas to Get You Started

  1. Keep in mind, a journal’s your own private and personal space. It’s an opportunity to bring out the real you. The real you isn’t what other people see. It’s what’s inside. And a journal is a wonderful tool to reflect on your self.
  2. Find a convenient time every day when you’re alone and its quiet. Many people journal before they go to bed. Some do it two or three times a day. It becomes a habit.
  3. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar. The important thing is to get your feelings on paper. It doesn’t matter if one sentence takes up an entire page. Some days you’ll write three pages…other day’s three sentences. It all depends how you feel that given day. The more you journal the easier it becomes.

Watch Your Progress

You’ve heard the phrase “learn from your mistakes.” Journaling can help reduce the times you say “why did I do that?”

Situations will be handled differently because you’ve had time to focus on how you’ll react.

You’ll look at your situation with a different frame of mind and learn to rely on your journal instead of negative emotions.

And when you read what you wrote a few weeks…or months ago…you’ll notice something really cool…growth!

What Do You Have Left to Lose?

With all the “craziness” you’ve been through, you’ll begin to look forward to spending some quiet time with your journal.

It may even bring back fond memories of your diary as a young girl.

Give it a try!

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