Simple Strategy To Deal With a Miserable Alcoholic

miserable alcoholic man

I don’t like being around a person who constantly complains.

It seems like they can destroy any good mood I’m in. Maybe it’s not intentional but it’s quite consistent. They never have anything good to say and they’re always miserable.

Does a miserable person affect you the same way… a.k.a. your drunk husband?

When your husband’s drunk he’s probably one of those negative and miserable people and it may feel like he’s trying to drag you there too.

If you’re not careful you will believe the downer he is putting on your.

Who cares if he blames you or not? It’s not your fault.

Alcoholics love excuses and don’t own up to their own responsibility. It just gives them a reason to drink. Like they need one, right?

The “Pity Pot”

Like most alcoholics he lives an “if only” life. If only his circumstances would change, his life would get better.

Don’t be surprised if he won’t accept the fact he’s the one who has to change. He’s just miserable and feels sorry for himself.

It’s always “poor me.”

That’s right “poor me…poor me…pour me another drink”.

And what does he get with a “poor me” attitude? Absolutely nothing…well, hold on…if he sits around on his “pity pot” all day he’ll end up with a “ring around his butt.”

On top of that, he spends time with other alcoholics who have the “poor me” attitude…they have a “pity pot party”… and constantly talk about how miserable life is.

And when they leave the “party” all they have is a “ring” on their butt.

Don’t Go to the Party

If you’re invited to a “pity pot party” you have the choice to go…or not.

My suggestion is not to go! Hang with positive people.

They’re the ones who take responsibility for their own actions and don’t blame others or constantly complain. They’re encourager’s.

These are the people who help keep a smile on your face. You can actually enjoy their company.

The more you focus on your own happiness…the better life your life will be.

You’ll actually begin to attract positive people. They will want to be around you! What an improvement over the party.

Next time he invites you to the go with him, just let him you already have plans without the pity.

I find it refreshing to hang out with people who actually improve my mood. They help to create a climate where I can thrive.

Be encouraged to surround yourself with people like this and just see the difference it makes.

Misery or Happiness, it’s your choice.

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