Should You Drink To Help Cope With An Alcoholic Spouse?

pouring beer into a glass

Ok, so you’re a social drinker.

Maybe you’re mentally and emotionally drained?

A couple of drinks won’t hurt… right?

Not so.

He Drinks Because…

He wants to change the way he feels.

When he’s sad he drinks to be happy. When he’s happy he drinks to be happier.

Alcohol is also used as an escape… although temporarily.

If you start with just one or two drinks to escape (his drinking) where might those drinks take you?

I’m sure you don’t believe that alcohol will solve your situation.

A few drinks just might add to your problems.

Keep a Sound Mind

You’re in a position where every decision you make may affect your marriage and family.

To cope with your alcoholic husband’s behaviors, it’s advisable to do so with a clear mind. I don’t think you want to be in an “alcoholic fog” and make irrational decisions.

Tools to help you cope with an alcoholic spouse

  • Don’t isolate – It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself when you’re alone.
    It’s called the “pity pot.” The negative emotions swell up. And it’s more likely the desire to drink will set in when you’re alone.
  • Exercise – A short walk is always helpful. And who knows, it may lead to a more active exercise program. Why not change the way you feel with exercise.
  • Join a support group – Al-anon is filled with wives of alcoholics, just like you, who’ve dealt with their husbands and like to share their stories.
  • Save – He spends money on booze. Take care of yourself. Start putting away for a “nest egg” because you never know when you’ll need it.

Maybe you can think of other skills to help you cope?

He’s the one who uses alcohol as an “escape.” You don’t need to do the same.

You’ll feel better, have more confidence, and won’t be so mentally and emotionally drained.

Keep a clear mind and face your problems head on.

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