Scholarship Application

How many times have you looked through a catalog or a department store window at something you knew you simply couldn’t afford?

Not only is it a frustration but it at some level feels unfair.

If only…

Why can’t I…

FreeMyAddict now announces a Scholarship Program to help you get coaching to help you in your relationship with your alcoholic.

Here are a few things to think about.


I agree coaching can be quite an investment in your future.

Personally, I believe you’re worth whatever it costs.

An objective here at FreeMyAddict is to make coaching possible for anyone who needs it.

This is the reason we have tried to establish reasonable rates for these professional services.
We also understand there may be circumstances where there just isn’t much resource left with all of the chaos with your alcoholic.

The scholarship program is designed to assist in lightening the load and make coaching available at what you can afford with help from a FMA Scholarship.


Let me share with you the reason there must be a charge for coaching.

  1. When YOU pay, you accept coaching has VALUE
  2. When you pay something you’re more committed
  3. When you pay you take it serious
  4. Professional services cost to provide
  5. It weeds out spectators

Achieve your goals

When you’re involved with an alcoholic your dreams and hopes are often put aside.

Coaching services will help you establish short term goals and long term goals.

You need someone in your corner to use as a sounding board who can also assist with sound advice.

The direction is up to you. If you think you may benefit from a scholarship please take the time and complete the application.

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