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Why Do I Have To Pay?

First, it tells us you’re serious about creating change in your life. Which means you’re not just a looker, you’re a doer. It also helps keep the members area safe and the riff raff out.

Second, FreeMyAddict is NOT connected with any large benefactors nor affiliated with any university or hospital.

Our team is made up of qualified professional coaches that you get access to 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for only 12 dollars a month. We also provide you the opportunity to connect with others that are working through the same issues.

To respond to emails, write new articles, provide coaching, spend time inside Community Connect and everything else we can do to help you, takes a lot of effort. Same as everywhere else, our employees like to be paid for their hard work.

In addition, the costs to run this website continues to grow as our traffic grows.

If you’re serious about getting help… it’s inside Community Connect. So shake out the couch, return your alcoholic’s bottles for a refund, or skip one meal at a fast food restaurant. We’ll be waiting for you.

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