Is There Hope for His Recovery?

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Have you lost hope that your husband will get sober?

Please don’t!

No matter how bleak the circumstances that surround your husbands drinking appear…there’s always hope.

Sobriety can happen!

If you become discouraged, I encourage you…

don’t give up.

I know what it’s like to lose hope.

I was convinced I would spend the rest of my life on the streets as an alcoholic.

My family refused to give up and I finally found sobriety.

Relapse is Part of Recovery

Maybe you’ve lost hope because of his numerous relapses.

Well, not too many people can quit drinking the first, second or even third time they try to quit.

And if he’s serious about sobriety maybe he’ll realize what he did wrong when he relapsed, and won’t repeat it. That should encourage you.

Others Have Been There Too

Other people have been in his situation, like myself, and finally made the decision to get help.

Don’t expect miracles.

Sobriety doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process not an event.

Look for the small, positive things that happen in his life.

Hope is defined as a feeling of what is wanted to happen will happen; a specific desire accompanied by expectations.

Think Positive

Instead of a mindset of “It’ll never happen,” have you tried…“It will happen?”

Maybe your attitude and compassion with what your husband is going through will change.

I say this a lot, “You can’t change him.” And that’s true.

But you can change your attitude towards him. And that attitude has to be positive.

Because when you lose hope you give up trying to help him. You may have to quit enabling and allow him to suffer consequences for his behaviors.

That shows him you haven’t given up yet.

He may get to the point that “enough is enough.”

Meanwhile be hopeful about his sobriety, but take care of yourself.

Anyone involved in Alcoholics Anonymous is encouraged to rely on a Higher Power to help them make changes in their life.

Maybe that’s what you need to do to have the strength to make good choices and set boundaries.

Like my family, you too, can refuse to lose hope.

It may take a while, but he may just get clean and sober.

Again, don’t give up!

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