Intervention Services

Does Your Alcoholic Need An Intervention?

When drinking becomes out of control and there are still family and friends in your
alcoholic’s life it may be the time to have an intervention.

Q. What I need to know about an intervention?

A. Interventions are a one-time opportunity to influence your alcoholic to get serious
about recovery.

The ultimate goal of an intervention is to provide support for a decision to enter
treatment followed by support.

Q What do I need to know about treatment programs?

A. During the intervention preparation process you’re assisted in selecting a treatment program to fit with your alcoholic’s needs.

Not all treatment facilities are the same. Some are committed to your alcoholic’s recovery
and understand the key components of long term recovery.

Your FreeMyAddict Coach will assist and advise to optimize your choice of treatment.

Q Who needs to participate in the intervention?

A. Maybe the most important part is who needs to be EXCLUDED from the intervention.

These people can ruin the intervention or sabotage the treatment and recovery process.

Your FreeMyAddict Coach will assist you to determine who MUST be included and who you need to EXCLUDE.

Q Will a FreeMyAddict Intervention work for my alcoholic?

A. The success of an intervention is always based on the decision of your alcoholic.

There are critical points during preparation and development of the family letter that are key indicators of the likelihood of success.
Interventions are not guaranteed, however most are successful.

Q How much does an intervention cost?

A. Most interventions will cost between $1800 and $3500 depending on what you choose.

Q What innovations does FreeMyAddict provide to assist to keep costs down?

A.The process is broken into three components, 1) Planning, 2) Family Letter and Rehearsal and 3) Intervention Event. You have choices-

All phases of the Intervention are completed via Skype supported by email. Family and Friends may participate in the intervention process.

The Intervention Event is scheduled with your FMA Coach in PERSON. The cost of travel, lodging
and per diem apply in addition to regular fees.

Q How do I begin the Intervention Process?

A. Simply contact the webmaster at FreeMyAddict at

Remember, an intervention is only effective the first time. To have it be successful there is planning and preparation for the event. The most successful interventions require professional help. This is an investment in your alcoholic’s recovery.

Let’s get started.

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