How Your Alcoholic Gambles with Your Future: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself


An early researcher of alcoholism, Jellinek suggested there were only three outcomes for an alcoholic.

They were recovery, insanity or death.

Your alcoholic didn’t set out to be out of control. It just happens.

Your future’s being gambled away by your alcoholics illness.

Here are a 5 things you to protect your financial security.

Life Insurance

An often overlooked item to consider is to take out at least a term life insurance policy on your alcoholic.

The earlier you decide to do this the better. It’s inevitable your alcoholic will experience health problems if they don’t get into recovery.

Not only will your costs be less your peace of mind will be improved.

Develop Your Skills

Based on your abilities you have right now, are you prepared to support yourself?

If you wanted to depend on yourself alone for financial security what would you want to do?

My opinion is that if you’re in any way dependent on an alcoholic for financial support you need to have a plan for your own career.

There are interest inventories you can take to know what you might like to do or what you are best suited to pursue.

I found a book called “What color’s Your Parachute” by Richard N Bolles is a very helpful book to determine your interests.

Put Money Away

I was taught to pay yourself first before anyone else.

The amount you put away isn’t as important as the fact you’re doing it on a regular basis.

This isn’t mad money. It may be what get’s you through a tough time.

Once you begin putting a little aside you’ll find it to be a comfort.

Eventually, you may even be able to have your savings make a little money for you too.

Wouldn’t that be nice.

Avoid Debt

Debt is the single most effective barrier to wealth.

The irony here is when you buy what you can’t wait for you end up going without what you want or need because of debt.

I’d challenge you to find ways to get out of debt.

If your like most people you’ve taken on some debt, maybe even a lot.

When the time comes and you need to take care of yourself, being debt free makes it so much easier for you to get by.

Get a Handle on the Money

Do you know how much money you spend?

Do you have any idea how much your alcoholic spends?

I urge you to set up a budget to determine where money goes.

Try to keep receipts. This will give you a little better idea what goes out.

I’m sure your alcoholic won’t be excited about this suggestion, but if you’re able to actually budget how much money is available there’s a benefit.

Money just has a way of going places. It doesn’t stay in one place for long.

What a budget does is simply gives your money directions of where you want it to go.

Your alcoholic may be willing to gamble with your future but you’re able to take action to protect yourself and your financial security.

What ways have you taken steps to protect yourself. Share with us in the comment section below.


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