How Whitney Houston’s Life Could’ve Been Saved

whitney houston

The music industry lost another talented entertainer in Whitney Houston.

If you consider her past struggles and recent behaviors, what do you think the toxicology reports will confirm?

Addiction can be fatal.

Don’t let that happen to your alcoholic husband.

It’s important for you to be part of the solution and not the problem.

I know the mention of death sounds harsh, but it’s a reality, and you don’t want to plan a funeral like Whitney’s family.

As I watched the news reports about her death two questions came to mind.

Don’t They Realize the Risks?

Whitney went through rehabs and had clean time. She knew what needed to be done for sobriety. Apparently she didn’t follow through.

The medication prescribed may have been for legitimate conditions such as stress or anxiety, but she chose to drink. Surely Whitney Houston knew that combination could be fatal.

Alcoholics and addicts don’t think about the consequences from using, and only want to change the way they feel.

Do you think your husband knows what could happen if he continues his behaviors?

He probably does, but like Whitney, the “escape” is more important.

Where’s the Support?

Whitney Houston had many people in her life who loved and cared for her.

They may not have been around her every minute but don’t you think they knew what she was doing?

Maybe they were afraid to confront her and offer help.

Did they enable her?

If so, they’re probably feeling a lot of guilt and remorse.

What Part Do You Play?

Are you supportive of your husband’s sobriety, or do you enable his alcoholic behaviors?

Some spouse’s actually give him money, buy the booze and even mix drinks for him at home. Does that show love and concern for the health and well-being of your husband?

Since you can’t make your husband stop the alcohol abuse, you can try to influence him to pursue sobriety.

Talk to your husband and have a specific plan to get him help. Bring other people along (intervention) to emphasize their support for his recovery.

Is your husband’s life important to him? He might say it is, but his actions may not show it.

He basically has three choices, locked up, covered up or sobered up.

All three are a real possibility.

If his life’s important to you, the best you can do is stop enabling and try to influence his recovery.

If you don’t, in the near future you may have to make funeral arrangements, just as Whitney Houston’s family did.

Will what happened to Whitney influence how you deal with your alcoholic husband? Let us know in the comments below.


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Here’s What 2 Other People Thought...

  1. Sometimes the only choice you have is to walk away. If they are abusive and violent when they are high or drunk you MUST leave. Don’t risk your own life because you love them. Stand by them emotionally but until they realize you are not a punching bag- STAY AWAY. You deciding to stay is actually a form of enabling because you’re saying they are allowed to behave that way without consequences. We can not be their master, only they are the master of themselves. They are not going to sit and listen to what we say as easily as it sounds in this article. If you’re going to do an intervention, do one with a professional interventionist who isn’t afraid to be firm and confrontational. If you really believe in your loved one, you know that even if it’s rough for them, they’ll make it through.

    • Tom

      Very well put Michelle. Sometimes just walking away is the best thing to do. They need to know you’re there for them, but also that your not going to rescue them. Pain is a good motivator to change…and that pain can come from suffering the consequences of their behavior. They may sit and listen to what you have to say…but chances are it doesn’t matter to them. An alcoholic/addict only hear what they want to hear. And having a professional involved with an intervention is always a good idea. If you have the right one…they’ll tell the truth and not worry about the angry reactions. And yes, it be rough for them, but with perseverance and a willingness to change they can make it through.

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