How To Stand Up For Yourself When An Alcoholic’s Words Hurt

stand up for yourself


Man…a bee sting hurts…doesn’t it?

I heard if you pulled the stinger out and applied baking soda the pain goes away.

Do some of the words from your alcoholic husband sting like a bee?

If so…I have a couple of tips to deal with the pain. But first let me give you a possible scenario that you may have experienced.

He says, “you’re lazy and not a good wife.”

Well…you probably pick up a lot of the slack in the relationship like, cook, clean, take care of the kids, pay the bills and probably clean up after him.

That’s not laziness. It’s called being responsible.

Refuse to give him permission to cause pain. Here are those tips I mentioned.

Know Who You Are

You have a firm understanding of who you are. You know what it takes to be a good wife and mother.

By accepting things you believe about yourself, nobody can surprise you by saying something different.

Walk with your head held high because you know the truth about yourself. Let him say what he wants.

Focus on the Differences and Know the Truth

Here’s an example that may help clarify this tool.

My friends little boy came home from school crying. Someone called him a monkey because his ears are a little bit larger than normal.

His dad pointed out the characteristics of a monkey and the boy realized he wasn’t a monkey and felt better because he knew the truth about himself.

The same concept applies with your alcoholic husband. Just because he say’s something about you…focus on the differences…and you’ll know the truth.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Your close friends know who you really are. It’s your right to spend time with people who accept and know the truth about you.

Find the “encouragers” in your life and avoid the “nay sayers.”

Look for these people in church, support groups…or at other social functions.

Here’s something to try. Go out and do something for someone less fortunate and notice how much they appreciated your efforts.

The “bee” always looks for an opportunity to “sting.” You can use these tips as the “baking soda” to prevent some pain from the “sting.”

You know the truth about yourself.

Nobody can put you down without your permission!

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