How To Handle a Mean Husbands Anger Problem Without the Backlash

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You’re frustrated because your husband’s always angry.

Your kids don’t want to be around him.

You walk on “eggshells” always afraid you’ll say or do the wrong thing.

If he’s in a good mood, you certainly don’t want to ruin it.

You might even have a friend who constantly talks about HER husband, how kind and fun he is to be around.

To top it off, it’s always “petty” stuff that sets your husband off into a rage.

You can’t talk to your friends because they doesn’t understand.

And plus, what would happen if your husband found out you talked to someone else about his anger problem?

I’m sure you don’t even want to think about it.

So, you keep to yourself and hope he’ll learn to control his anger.

Guess what?

It’ll never happen.

You Can’t Change Him!

Your husbands anger problem is targeted at situations he has no control over.

That’s why it’s his responsibility to take a serious look at his own actions and decide wether to change or not.

The only thing you can change is the way you react to his anger.

You have to look out for yourself!

Misery Loves Company-Don’t Go There!

Having a mean husband can drain you.

You need to spend time with positive, upbeat people. The best place to find them is in a support group. They’ll understand what you’re going through.

You’ll learn why you can’t change your spouse and to put the focus back on yourself.

Not sure how to approach your husband about you going? Here’s a few ideas you can try:

Say this…

  • Be direct and honest and tell him you need to talk to someone about his anger problem, you’re going to a support group.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to tell him you need a break and you’ll be back or that you just need to get away for few.
  • If all else fails, have someone call with a fake problem and ask you to come over to calm them down.

Don’t say this…

  • You’re going to visit a friend. Most mean husbands will only accuse you of cheating.
  • You’re going to the store and then don’t return with anything.

It won’t take long before you realize his anger doesn’t affect you as it once did.

Maybe he’ll even notice your new found attitude and make his own changes…

Maybe not!

Just remember, don’t react to your husband’s anger issues and get yourself into a support group.

It’s time to move on and get your life back together.

You deserve it!

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