How An Alcoholic Can Actually Make Your Life Better

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My neighbor used to be miserable.

All of her energy was focused on her alcoholic husband’s behavior. Bills weren’t paid, there was very little money to buy groceries and he ignored her and the kids.

Today she has a very comfortable lifestyle, and gives him much of the credit.

Did it get your attention that he gets the credit? If it weren’t for him she might not have recognized the opportunity to better her life. She’s happier because she decided to focus on herself and not her husband.

She always enjoyed writing, has beautiful penmanship, so she bought a book and learned calligraphy.

Her sister paid her to write wedding invitations. The rest is history.

She makes good money and spends times with the kids, and enjoys what she’s does.

Her husband still drinks and is clueless about her income. He just sees a bunch of squiggly lines on a piece of paper lying on the table.

She had the talent and potential for personal growth which lead to a better lifestyle. She refused to let her alcoholic husband prevent her from moving forward.

Pursue Your Gifts and Talents

Everyone has things they like to do and they are good at. We’re all born with various gifts and talents.

Why not spend time on something you enjoy instead of your alcoholic husband? Who knows, you may even be able to make some extra money. Even if you don’t, at least you’ll feel better about yourself.

You might be a good cook or enjoy arts and crafts or gardening. If you like children, have you thought of volunteer work at a school? These are just a few ideas.

Take an honest look inside yourself, identify your gifts and talents, and find a way to use them to be more productive. You won’t regret it!

It’s Amazing What Can Happen When You Share

My neighbor’s personal growth didn’t stop with her new business.

She’s a very compassionate person and believes there’s no greater gift than to give your time and share your talents.

There are people in our community who are ill and struggle in various areas of their life. She writes cards with words of encouragement and wants to put a little smile on other people’s faces when they need it most.

She realizes that when she “gets out of herself” and focuses on what she can do for others, her attitude changes and she has a better outlook on life. That’s all part of her personal growth.

Your alcoholic husband will do what alcoholics do. Don’t let his behavior consume your thoughts and energy.

Pursue what you’re good at…and share it with others.

Your life will be more meaningful!

What gifts and talents you can pursue? Please comment on how you can share those with others.


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Here’s What 4 Other People Thought...

  1. LorriT

    I found this article to be absolutely true as I am in the process of doing this. I read an article not too long ago that really put things in my face in a major way.
    After reading much of what they described that I soon began to see as my husband I started thinking about things a lot and how I have been neglecting myself. Keep in mind Coach Tom from this site had been talking to me about taking care of me, this article reinforced that. I thank you Tom for everything you have taught me. Therefore, I have began to do things for me, I have changed some things. I found I really have a passion for cooking so I am going to take a culinary class and am currently researching locksmith schools. I have started back exercising and paying attention to my appearance. See I had stopped taking care of myself and was so engrossed with my husbands alcoholism that I had kind of stopped with my usual activities. Activities that made me happy. Please pay attention to this article because it is definitely to your benefit. Get up dust yourself off and focus on yourself.

    Thank you for this article.


    • Tom

      Thanks for the comment and I appreciate the opportunity to work with you. It’s so great that you’re putting your focus back on yourself and doing the things that make you happy. I love the line…”get up dust yourself off and focus on yourself.” I couldn’t have said it better.

  2. Lori

    Sounds like a great idea to me……….I’m also in process. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tom

      Glad your working on yourself Lori. It’s time to do what you need to do for yourself to be happy! Isn’t it amazing what a different outlook on life we have when our focus isn’t on an alcoholics behavior?

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