Here’s What To Do if You Need Help With an Alcoholic…

airplane takes off

I’ve flown on countless airplanes throughout my life.

What always disturbs me the most on every flight is when the attendant gives the “in case of an emergency” instructions.

A few times I was completely conviced the pilot had planned to fly the plane right into the ocean.

The one thing that sticks out in my mind the most that they always say is…

“…the oxygen mask will lower. Place the mask over your face first and then help others near you”.

Now that’s good advice.

You definitely can’t help someone else if you’re not okay yourself.

Put the focus back on you

I’m sure you realize it takes more than just to want your alcoholic to stop drinking.

What does it take?

It might seem cliché to say but it’s the truth…

Help yourself first.

When you’re healthy you make better decisions. Ultimately, the goal is to leave the alcoholic with full responsibility for their own behavior.

It’ll shake them up a bit when they realize they’re responsible for themselves.

Don’t fix their messes.

Let the consequences of their own behavior fall on THEM.

It may seem a little harsh, but it’s sound advice to get your addict free from the alcoholism.

Tips you can use…

If you really want to know how to help an alcoholic, here’s a good place to start.

  • Learn to believe in yourself
  • only take responsibility for your own decisions
  • find people who can lend moral support
  • let your addict make their own choices

Do you feel overwhelmed and isolated?

That’s normal.

Tired and exhausted?

That’s normal

Are you Ready to throw up your hands and quit?

That’s normal.

What that tells me is that you need to take care of yourself… but how?

Reach out to people you trust. Don’t do it alone.

Most of all, know that it’s the alcoholism that’s the problem, which is a disease, and not the person inside.

It’s so easy to blame the alcoholic.

Blame is useless.

I’ve always said, “Drinking is what alcoholics do. Why are you surprised?”

Once you recognize that it’s the alcoholism you hate, you’ll take a huge step in the right direction.

No one likes major illnesses like diabetes, cancer or heart disease,but we still have compassion towards the person.

Alcoholism is no different.

Distance your own issues from the person with the addiction. You’ll find you’ll be in a better position to help.

Remember, put the oxygen mask on yourself first, take a deep breath, and reach out in a healthy way.

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