Shocking Truth About Alcoholic Lies


Do you remember when you caught one of your children in a fib?
They would twist the words just a little to make their innocence seem more likely.
When all was said and done there WAS an element of truth in the lie. Click to continue…

Do My Kids Know My Husband’s Alcoholic?


I remember a public service ad years ago when a little boy was relaxing by a tree with his dad.
When his father lit up a cigarette the little boy put little stick into his mouth and pretended to smoke it.

The truth is there’s a lot of messages passed on to your children, maybe more than you even know. Click to continue…

What difference does it make?

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When you’re involved with an alcoholic’s life it becomes easy to get frustrated and want to simply give up.
In many ways you become numb to the many parts of your own life you have given up.
If you’re like most family or friends of an alcoholic you’ve become tired of the stress and need answers.

Alcoholics have many choices for rehabilitation and support and they often don’t take advantage of the resources. Click to continue…

Healthy Boundaries With Your Alcoholic Spouse


Imagine for a moment your neighbor decided to toss his garbage into your yard.
What would you think?
How long would you put up with it.
One you made it clear the garbage didn’t belong to you or in your yard, what if it continued?
You might find you need to have a boundary you can monitor and maintain with your neighbor. Click to continue…

8 Ways Your Alcoholic Abuses The Marriage

I’m sure you’ve heard about how if a frog is put into boiling water it’ll jump out. But if the frog is put into cold water and it’s brought up to boiling the frog boils to death. In some ways the ways your alcoholic abuses the marriage is like that frog with the water being brought up to boiling. Click to continue…

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