Does Your Alcoholic Need Help?

FreeMyAddict is all about YOU, the friend or family of an addict or alcoholic. I understand sometimes you look for resources to make a difference.

I’ve had the opportunity to develop two companion sites designed to be helpful for your alcoholic.

This site is all about articles to help your alcoholic know more about addiction.

Truth is what actually empowers toward and along the journey of recovery.

Articles are straight forward, informational and are kept fairly short.

Some of them you may want to read, others you may just want to share with your alcoholic or pass it on to a friend or family member.

This is a video based site designed to take hundreds of tips (that really work) and put them into a minute to three minute piece of straight talk.

The intention is for it to become like a toolkit for your alcoholic.

There are two videos published per week and sometimes more. So be sure and check it out.

There’s NOTHING more important than helping to provide resources for you and your alcoholic. Thanks for the opportunity to be there along side you.


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