How We Give You The Help You Need, When You Need It…

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Looking for advice about how to help your alcoholic or yourself?

You’ve come to the right place.

We offer FOUR distinct styles of coaching that are very different from one another. Doesn’t matter which one you choose, you’ll have the extra support you need…

NEW SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM You CAN afford coaching thanks to FreeMyAddict. If you have limited resources and still need coaching, FMA is here to help. Don’t let this opportunity slip by. All you have to do is APPLY.

Community Connect:


Coach Led Focused Topic Discussion Every week

Forum- A place to share, vent and learn

If you enjoy articles and they help you. Consider membership where you benefit by FREE GROUP COACHING and help make it possible to keep this support available.

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Mastery Coaching:
Because You Want Real Results

When your ready to face difficult issues you want a professional trained certified alcohol and drug counselor as your coach.

This is the right choice for YOU.

Here you’ll get the opportunity and time to work through issues you have with an alcoholic or addict.

We’ll help you set the right goals to get real results.

P.S. To ensure the most effective coaching possible we only allow 8 clients per month in our Mastery Coaching. Sign up now to secure your space and get the help you need.

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Buy ONE Half Sessions Get TWO Half Session FREE

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Bring the Bottom UP to Meet Your Alcoholic

Your efforts haven’t worked and you’re ready for a professional intervention.

Technology enhanced intervention lowers the cost. We pass the saving on to YOU.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for intervention.

P.S. To ensure the most effective intervention possible we limit these services to only 4 per month Professional Interventions. Sign up to reserve an opportunity today.

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