7 Places To Get Help If You’re Dealing With An Alcoholic

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Addiction affects the entire family…not just the alcoholic.

The staff at Free My Addict recommends these 7 resources to help you establish some stability in your home despite the behaviors of your alcoholic.

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Local Resources



(Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

When someone is suffering from mental health or substance abuse disorders, naturally the wellness of the individual is in jeopardy, but it also affect communities, schools, businesses, prisons, jails healthcare systems and especially families.

In 1993 Congress established SAMHSA to provide substance abuse and mental health services to those in need. SAMHSA focuses on prevention and treatment of mental health and substance abuse disorders.

The SAMHSA web site offers information and guidance to both those suffering from mental health/substance abuse problems as well as their families.

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(Substance Abuse) http://www.samhsa.gov/about/csap.aspx
(Mental Health) http://www.samhsa.gov/about/cmhs.aspx

Repair a Marriage

marriage builders


This site can help you save your marriage from unresolved conflict and possibly eliminate the need for divorce and includes literature, seminars, coaching videos and forums.
Marriage Builders was founded by Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr. to provide therapy to married couples, who because of many reasons, which includes addiction, no longer have a healthy relationship.

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Co-Dependency Issues

Meloday Beattie


Melody Beattie has survived sexual abuse, addiction, abandonment, kidnapping, divorce and the death of a child. Her bestselling book, Co-dependent No More, is an excellent resource to help you deal with this issue.

Melody admits she’s “not an expert or a guru…nor gives medical, psychiatric or legal advice” but provides insight into these areas based on research and personal experience.
This site is a “must” if you’re dealing with issues of Co-Dependency.

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Local Addiction Support

al anon


Al-Anon is an excellent support group if you’re struggling with an alcoholic husband.
Members understand what you’re going through…they’ve been there.

This support group will offer you the opportunity to identify your role in the family regarding his alcoholism and share with you how they coped with the many issues caused by their alcoholic loved one.

There’s a good chance a meeting is being held in your area today!

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al anon


It doesn’t matter if the addict is presently using drugs or not.

Nar-Anon is a support group to help friends and relatives of an addict and is a Twelve-Step Program where members share their experience, strength, and hope.

Nar-Anon offers hope and recovery to everyone who is affected by addiction and helps you cope with the addict in your life.

It’s easy to find a Nar-Anon meeting close to you.

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Domestic Violence Prevention (Safe Housing)



Domestic Violence can be a serious problem if you’re living with an alcoholic.

If the abuse is at a point where you need to leave as soon as possible, there’s information about “safe houses” in your area.
These sites can help while you’re preparing to leave an abusive relationship…and also after you’ve ended it.

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You’re not alone when it comes to coping with an alcoholic husband and the staff at Free My Addict encourages you to use these resources.

He’s the one that needs to deal with his addiction, and you need to focus on yourself.

These resources may save your husband…your marriage…and maybe even your life.

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