3 Ways To Stay Positive When You Live With An Alcoholic

stay positive

Unfortunately, some wives of alcoholics begin to believe negative things about themselves.

I hope you don’t.

Just in case, the staff at Free My Addict would like to offer a few tools to help build you up.

Grab a Pad of “Sticky Note”

From experience, this will help. Visual reminders work.

Write positive affirmations about yourself on sticky notes. Place them around the house where you’ll see them throughout the day.

They may include some of your personal reminders, or famous quotes that offer encouragement.

And don’t forget to include some humor.

If you’re “down” on yourself, a simple “sticky note” may be just what’s needed to bring you back up.

Use Self-Help Resources

You’ve probably heard a lot about “self-help” books. Have you read one lately?

When I was at the bookstore the other day I was looking in the self-help section and noticed a lot of books on self-esteem and confidence.

You don’t even have to read the whole book. Just “skim” through and maybe you’ll get a few good ideas.

You never know, maybe you’ll find a book that really “hits home.”

Enthusiasm Can Be Contagious

If you spend time with positive people it may rub off.

I’ve found that positive people have a lot of enthusiasm, despite the struggles they’ve been through in their life.

Have you tried an Al-Anon meeting? These people will understand you. They’re attitude is positive, they love to help others, and you’ll probably get invited to the “meeting after the meeting.”

Oh, you’ve never heard of that?

It involves going out for coffee, or dinner and offers an opportunity to spend time with enthusiastic people in a casual and laid back environment.

And who knows…you may make some new friends.

You can take responsibility for our own happiness.

If it takes sticky notes, self-help books or time with encouraging and enthusiastic people to be happy, maybe that’s what you should try?

Don’t let him, or what others say, keep you down.

You know who you are. Keep reminding yourself of it.

Do you have other ideas on how to “build” yourself up when down?

Go ahead and leave them in the comments for others to read.


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