101 Shocking Truths About Alcoholics You Might Not Know… Yet!


There’s a lot your alcoholic hasn’t done. He’s still alive, your home is intact, and the kids are okay.

So, what could possibly go wrong? If he continues to drink, you never know.

That’s why we’ve created this list of 101 scenarios you should pray that never happen if you live with an alcoholic. Some might have happened already and others may not have… yet!

  1. Been caught driving drunk…yet!
  2. Wrapped a car around a tree…yet!
  3. Forgotten to pick up your kid from day care…yet!
  4. Spent a night in the drunk tank at the county jail…yet!
  5. Forgotten to pay important bills on time…yet!
  6. Needed your help to go to the bathroom…yet!
  7. Used the bottom drawer of your dresser as a urinal…yet!
  8. Lost his license…yet!
  9. Lost his job…yet
  10. Backed out of the driveway and shot the neighbor’s dog with the loaded rifle he keeps in the rack…yet!
  11. Ran a flag upside down on the pole in the front yard…yet!
  12. Suffered major health problems…yet!
  13. Distanced himself from your children…yet!
  14. Ticked off your parents and now they won’t talk to him…yet!
  15. Lost the motor on his fishing boat in the lake because it wasn’t fastened tight enough…yet!
  16. Lost the car…yet!
  17. Came home and couldn’t figure out how he got a black eye…yet!
  18. Came home and had no idea where he spent the night…yet!
  19. Been caught driving drunk with your child in the car…yet!
  20. Told the boss off at the company Christmas party…yet!
  21. Maxed out the credit card during a drunken weekend…yet!
  22. Suffered broken bones from a fall…yet!
  23. Hasn’t been diagnosed with liver damage…yet
  24. Busted his head open on the toilet while vomiting…yet!
  25. Grabbed the Viagra bottle instead of the aspirin bottle…yet!
  26. Taken your grocery list to the store and came back with a case of beer and a bag of pretzels…yet!
  27. Asked your grandma to go skinny dippin’ at a family reunion…yet!
  28. Started a campfire in his ice shanty…yet!
  29. Spent the mortgage money buying rounds of drinks…yet!
  30. Been physically abusive towards you…yet!
  31. Been ticketed for drunk driving on the riding lawnmower…yet!
  32. Passed out while he should have been watching the kids…yet!
  33. Alienated every family member…yet!
  34. Received a second DUI…yet!
  35. Had an affair with a female drinking friend…yet!
  36. Lost all his friends…yet!
  37. Hurt or killed someone in an automobile accident…yet!
  38. Started a tab at the local liquor store because you control the money…yet!
  39. Had Protective Services visit your house because of a report of neglect…yet!
  40. Showed up at your office drunk and embarrassed you in front of your co-workers…yet!
  41. Broken his neck when he fell off the balcony…yet
  42. Thrown the cat at the television set during a football game…yet!
  43. Been mugged and had his wallet stolen…yet!
  44. Started a fire because he passed out on the sofa with a lit cigarette…yet!
  45. Spent his entire check at the bar before coming home on payday…yet!
  46. Promised to take the kids to a ballgame and never came home…yet!
  47. Missed your child’s performance or ball game because he was passed out in his car…yet!
  48. Burned the house down…yet!
  49. Sliced the tip of his finger off while cutting meat…yet!
  50. Forgotten your anniversary…yet!
  51. Alienated “everyone” in his life…yet!
  52. Attempted suicide…yet!
  53. Gone the wrong way on the expressway…yet!
  54. Gone into the garage to check the car to see if he hit anyone…yet!
  55. Hit a pedestrian…yet!
  56. Drank kerosene thinking it was alcohol…yet!
  57. Drank rubbing alcohol because he couldn’t buy booze…yet!
  58. Broken his hand hitting the wall in anger…yet!
  59. Shot at your children…yet!
  60. Found himself in the wrong car and was arrested for attempted auto theft…yet!
  61. Sold his Harley for less than $600…yet!
  62. Gone to Las Vegas and gotten married…yet!
  63. Driven the car through the front door of a convenience store…yet!
  64. Been required to go to rehab by his employer…yet!
  65. Totally ruined your credit…yet!
  66. Sliced up his hand because he put it in the blender making margaritas…yet!
  67. Used the money set aside to pay the utilities to stock his bar…yet!
  68. Taken the children to the circus and ended up in the center ring…yet!
  69. Abused the dog…yet!
  70. Shot his hunting buddy…yet!
  71. Been arrested for providing alcohol to a minor…yet!
  72. Started to emotionally abuse you…yet!
  73. Started swearing at you in front of the children…yet!
  74. Electrocuted himself while doing some wiring in the house…yet!
  75. Been caught searching adult sites on the internet…yet!
  76. Passed out in the dumpster behind his favorite bar…yet!
  77. Taken medication with alcohol and ended up in the ER…yet!
  78. Experienced frost bite because he passed out in the snow bank…yet!
  79. Broken his back when he fell out of a palm tree…yet!
  80. Fallen overboard and drowned…yet!
  81. Sold his power tools so he’ll have extra drinking money…yet!
  82. Pawned your jewelry to pay his bar tab…yet!
  83. Tried to take total control of the household expenses…yet!
  84. Smashed his toe on the leg of the chair getting a drink in the middle of the night…yet!
  85. Been arrested for looking in the neighbor’s window with a flashlight…yet!
  86. Hidden his liquor bottle in the toilet tank…yet!
  87. Been arrested for resisting arrest during a traffic stop…yet!
  88. Urinated on himself in public…yet!
  89. Been caught shoplifting a bottle of wine because he didn’t have any money…yet!
  90. Been arrested for being drunk and disorderly…yet!
  91. Cut his fingers off when his hand was stuck in the garbage disposal …yet!
  92. Ran over his foot with the lawnmower…yet!
  93. Forgotten to change the oil in the car and the motor froze up…yet!
  94. Lost all your savings at the casino because drinks are free.
  95. Brought home some new alcoholic friends and let them stay for a few days…yet!
  96. Crashed into an old lady pushing her shopping cart in the Walmart parking lot…yet!
  97. Broken a display of fine crystal at an expensive store…yet!
  98. Lost the expensive watch you bought him…yet!
  99. Cut his leg while weed eating…yet!
  100. Had a fist fight with his best friend…yet!
  101. Given you enough reasons to try to get him help…yet!

Ok, if you’re living with an alcoholic, I’m sure there are a lot more “yets” you could add to the list. But, we think it’s a great start. Go ahead and share it on twitter here. You never know… it just might make someone’s day!


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